About Me

Hello world, my name is Amita and this is my food blog.

I used to live in Melbourne and Beijing by myself. I enjoy exploring their local foods, but I find it necessary to come home and cook Indonesian food from time to time. Early 2000 were when I started as a young college girl in Melbourne, I had a collection of Indonesian recipes printouts and started to cook like my mom always do. Back in Indonesia, I like to cook western foods because my mom would do all the Indonesian cooking and I would handle other requests from my family.

In early 2017, I got married and moved to Singapore. My love for cooking doesn’t stop. One day my husband told me that he loves my cooking, but I don’t repeat the unique dishes that I made. I began telling him that I want to create new dishes every time I cook, but the truth is that I can’t remember the recipe exactly. I mean I remember the recipes of most everyday dishes that I created, but I can’t remember the recipes of foods I spontaneously made, such as steamed stuffed cabbage, wonton and watercress soup, my mom’s Soto Ayam and my in law’s spring onion minced meat. There was a time I had to call my mom three times, just to ask the ingredients to make our homemade crispy fried chicken. I mean I know the method to make fried chicken, but I couldn’t remember the exact ingredients to make it the same as my mom’s. From that moment, I began to take videos of the steps so I can remember it again next time and it was okay until some people starting to ask for the exact recipes which are very difficult to explain because sometimes I don’t measure my ingredients. So, I decided to start this blog as a library of my family recipes that is already perfected by me. This blog will include all of my favorite recipes, Indonesian food recipes, Singaporean food recipes, Chinese foods recipes, Asian food recipes, and of course western food too!

Hopefully, you enjoy reading and watching as much as I do! Thank you.